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  1. Look at Us Now (2016)

    14:30 Minutes / HD Video

    Writing and Direction: Kate Dervishi

    Cinematography: Maurice Wilkerling 

    Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln  (Academy of Media Arts Cologne)


    A young Danish woman cohabitating with a group of men. Marooned in a cramped interior, their lives are witnessed through fragments. Dreams are discussed, various tasks are undertaken to dispell the boredom. The Danish woman periodically attempts to explain her living situation to someone abroad, but her descriptions are fatigued and incoherent. Claustrophobia and dread give way to a quiet panic. 

  3. Screenings:

    2016  ACUD Berlin Unangenehme Gefühle: 

    A symposium by Sonja Cvitkovic and Megan Francis Sullivan